The following are links to other games and game developer sites.  Getting the word out as an indie game developer is hard work.  If you are a game developer, and would like your game or site listed here, please contact me.  I have tried to say a little something about each site in my own words.

uDevGames is a contest for mac developers that has been running periodically since 2001.  I have greatly enjoyed playing the games entered in this contest over the years.  They are always fresh and original.  Constellation was originally written for this contest and took 2nd place.  Without the motivation of uDevGames, Constellation wouldn’t exist.

Star Chamber is probably my favorite computer game ever.  Its a great example of a board/card game designed for the computer and was a big source of inspiration for Constellation.  It used to be an indie, but got bought by Sony and forgotten.  I still play regularly though.  My screen name over there is mattness.  Sony doesn’t host the mac client, but you can download it here.

The Battle for Wesnoth sounds corny, but is the best free strategy game out there, far better than many commercial games.  It has nice simple rules, but some scenarios can be devilishly tough.  The community is great, and Wesnoth forum members helped with some crucial feedback during the early beta stages of Constellation.

Rusty Axe Games is the developer of several economic strategy games including Real E$tate Empire and Big $hot.  As well as developing games, they also provide an excellent listing service for finding and promoting indie games.  Currently most of their games are PC only, but they do have a mac version of Real E$tate Empire.  You can download it here.

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