What’s new in 1.2?

Series gameplay:

When a game is completed, you now have the option to play another game with the same settings.  Turn order rotates for each match in the series, and wins are tallied.

Special planets:

With special planets enabled there is a 1 in 5 chance that each planet will be special.  There is one special planet type for each size category.

Metal Rich Moon:

These tiny moons are rich in heavy metals making them more influential.  A base on one of these moons influences not just its neighbors, but also its neighbors’ neighbors.

Terran Planet:

These Earth like planets are easy to colonize.  Any base placed here immediately becomes level 2.  Beware placing a new base next to an unclaimed terran planet.

Gas Giant:

Mysterious black monoliths found orbiting the gas giants of the Constellation act as gateways connecting them to each other.  Every gas giant acts as a neighbor of every other gas giant.


Constellation is a computerized strategy board game for 2 to 4 human or AI players.  The combination of simple rules and complex strategy on randomly generated boards makes it

infinitely replayable. 

Its never the same

game twice!

Players have compared

Constellation to such

venerable games as

Go, Risk, Othello, and


Constellation was the 2nd place winner in the uDevGames

contest in these categories:  Best Overall, Best Gameplay,

and Best Presentation.  Thank you to all who voted!


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