So you want to know about me?

My name is Matthew Woods, I live in central Massachusetts with my wife Tricia and two cats Calcifer and Stitch.  I have enjoyed playing games of all sorts from a very young age.  I think it was my grandmother that first got me into games.  She is very good at them, and taught all manner of board and card games to my brother and I.  We would watch Wheel of Fortune with her, and she would always know the answer before any letters were on the board.  Oddly, my dad was never much into games.  I think his mom beat him to much!

So far publishing games is a hobby for me.  I've really enjoyed creating Constellation, but I also enjoy my day job.  I work for a company that creates multimedia exhibits for museums.  I was originally hired there to create graphics and animation, but have gone on to do not only that but interactive exhibit design and programming as well.  I decided to write Constellation for the uDevGames mac game development contest as a way to pass the time while my wife was finishing grad school.  The game was very well received and ended up taking 2nd place giving me the encouragement to polish it up and release it as a shareware title.

I do have other plans for games, but not a lot of time.  I'd like to network Constellation and maybe release an iphone version though that might take awhile as I have to learn a new development environment.  Tricia (the scrabble queen) wants me to make a word game next.  I have a good idea for one.  Whether this stuff happens and how soon depends on how well this release does.

The dragon in my logo was folded by me and is a variant of a model created by Robert Neale.  Directions for folding it can be found in one of these books.  Look under Dragon or Winged Dragon.

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